Friday, 13 July 2018

Ready to go!

Nick has been keen to have wheels since I surprised him with his little RAV4. After a bit of prep and rego — she’s all road ready! It didn’t take he and his little dog to load up and head to our Sister’s place nearby. Jaffa and his mate Andy have a great time - every time!



And with the wet Autumn now past, our road was a bit tracked and rutted so its another effort of stone work… usually Brett will get a ute load (about 2/3 a cubic meter/yard) of stone and unload it directly into the ruts from the tray top. This time, since we had a touch of money, we elected to get a tipper (dump) truck load of 5 metres/yards of ~70mm/2.5” drainage stone. Its taken some time to put into place — yet our upper flat paddock now has a fully stoned track ready for the dry season ahead and should be well settled as rain returns (hopefully soon!) Things remain green, for now, yet we’ll watch them brown soon….


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