Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Survey time for our Northern border

Brett has been working on survey plot plans and GPS coordinates for our property line with our ferrel Northern neighbour. His cows continue to break and destroy all the young trees we’re trying to encourage about that portion of our property. Even though he has 100 acres of his own — he has his house, sheds, and noise within 100-feet of our boundary. Grrrr! So first to measure, check and peg then we’ll have the boundary fence project to do. Never a dull moment here… at least its a great excuse to trek across and into areas I’d not spent much time in!




Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Change of seasons -- onwards towards Winter...

While we are in a sub-tropical area — we do in fact have changes in foliage. Our pecan trees new the chicken pens are a gorgeous amber colour now and a week away from dropping their leaves and being bare.




While at the same time our Paw Paw (which we started from a cutting) is doing well and has its first flowers and fruits. Cannot wait to have them mature after Winter and as Spring returns.




We still find interesting rocks, trees, and new areas on our place… this majestic old Spotted Gum has clearly seen many years and changes in the canyon just below our Forest Lodge. We never get bored with the place!


Sunday, 3 June 2018

Chooks and Chick-a-dees


Nearby, Jorge the Rooster is still enamoured with his new hens… he still looks after and their every need (and his) always! The hens are still a tad nervous around him, and Brett has yet to sleep past 4am since he arrived… he is certainly NOT the “nice and quiet rooster” that we had been assured of when we took him on. We’ll see if he improves over time…





Speaking of chick-a-dees…. our dearest sisters from Stanmore, Vic and Susan, have made the leap of faith and secured a new home nearby. While they’d planned to house hunt while on a holiday up from Sydney — Nick and I had already found the “perfect place” and saved them the trouble of looking…


That allowed us to get to the more serious business of BBQs and bouzouki playing under the sunset — what fun! Brett had built the instrument with a luthier in Athens while on their last holiday there… its a multi-timber creation with an Ash, Walnut, and Ebony style woods worked into a fabulous instrument — best played with copious Ouzo!