Monday, 29 May 2017

Let the sun shine in!

Clément has been invaluable at getting cumbersome projects done. Today we opened up his sleeping area in the container with installation of a floor to ceiling, wall to wall slider door and screen. To say it makes the space more liveable is an understatement. Nick and I spent six months in it yet had too many other priorities... looking at it now --perhaps it should have been escalated!


Merci Clément!


Sunday, 28 May 2017

Nick is away visiting Sydney.

Jaffa, Clém and I are holding down the fort this week. Another fantastic day in the Sunshine Coast! Jaffa is eagerly awaiting Nick’s return (as its the first time they’ve been apart for a few months!)

Today we installed a large slider glass door in the North end of the green container (thanks again Jeff!) That will allow more openness, natural light, mosquito free ventilation — and a great view of Mount Coran and Cooroorah.

After we were done -- we moved a few misplaced trees and plant a few new ones we’ve sprouted from nuts, and finish the firewood pile. A rather idle Sunday on the land... LOL!


Saturday, 27 May 2017

Great deal of progress...

We’ve sourced beautiful new timber for the floor, great nostalgic tin for the walls, signature timber from Stanmore and many more custom features.

All that was left was some space for spreading and enjoying the great position.

We couldn’t find suitable windows — so built them from native red gum and tallow timber then had custom glass cut which took 2-days installing. Well done (and a very proud Clém! ;<) Luckily, our job site supervisors agreed that the standard of work was excellent and we weren’t goated too much!




Friday, 26 May 2017

Another gorgeous day in the Sunshine Hinterlands...

Today Clem and I finished both decks on the lodge with oil and rails.

I installed a LED light system to illuminate the trees at night. We then celebrated with our first bevies on the North deck as we watched the sunset.... Nice!



Sunday, 21 May 2017

Forest Lodge has its inaugural guests...

Jenn and Peter came out from Noosaville for a BBQ and boy -- did we have an enjoyable afternoon! Great food, lot’s of fun trekking, goat herding, dog training, and relaxing... it was great to have you out again to see our progress.


Thanks to Clément for the great panoramic indoor photo.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Let there be light...

Forest Lodge maximises its mountainside position using polycarbonate sheeting and numerous openable windows. Air, light and gorgeous views are all enjoyed throughout the day and night brings vivid stars.


We couldn’t be happier to get our homewares back in use. Oh how we’ve missed that comfy leather couch and Grandad’s colourful Afghan rug.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Forest Lodge continues...

The refurbishment of our barn has continued with an entry porch on the front and deck to the rear. We used the tree which had damaged the front when falling about 20-years ago for the corners of the front porch. For the rear deck, we used the tree which had to be felled before the refurbishment (as it was towering, dead, above the building). What a majestic position its enjoyed for now 40 years… we hope to give it 40 more! (A few stats for those interested: The tree had over 12 metres (40’) of timber over 300mm (12”) diameter… these were red gum hard wood… AMAZINGLY heavy — yet somehow, the three of us managed to raise them — then quickly cemented them in place… whew! ) Little Joe the goat watched on blissfully unappreciative of our efforts… darn goat! LOL




Could not have done the heavy lifting without the help of Clément Savalis from Bordeaux France.

Friendly, passionate, and able to lift trees like twigs — Merci mes ami!